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The Melissa Koehler Show

May 17, 2023

Hi there! I am so excited to chat with you today about getting the most out of your summer by putting your business on autopilot – and no, I don’t mean for the entire summer 😉 But you do deserve to get the most out of this season with your family and friends without being tied to your business 24/7. I want to help you learn how you can take moments here and there to simply place your business on autopilot without missing a beat, because in my experience it’s absolutely life changing! I hope this episode encourages you and gives you the tools you need to make that happen for your business. You deserve a summer of fun in the sun! ☀️

In this episode you’ll hear: 

✋ 4 ways for you to successfully step back this summer

♻️ The power of repurposing content

💼 3 tips for reducing your business workload

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