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The Melissa Koehler Show

Feb 22, 2023

A few weeks ago we talked about how clarifying your brand message can benefit your business, and today I want to piggyback on that idea and chat a bit about the benefits of wireframing your website. (If you missed my episode on brand messaging, be sure to go back and listen to episode 86 😉) If the word “wireframing” intimidates you, don’t worry! It actually has very little to do with technology and everything to do with words and how we use them. I hope this episode encourages you to spend some time this week creating a plan to wireframe your website. Regardless of what your business has to offer, your presence online needs to be strong and this episode is full of information that will help you do just that! 

In this episode you’ll hear: 

💻 What wireframing is and how you can do it

👩‍💻 5 things your website needs to attract your ideal client

🤳 4 ways to improve your personal brand online

Links to all the things mentioned: 

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