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The Melissa Koehler Show

Dec 28, 2022

I am super excited to continue our conversation about time management with this fourth episode of the “Mastering Time Management” series! Today we’re digging in deep to chat about the fear of failure and how not fearing it can actually help you master time management. Fearing failure is a real thing, and it’s not easy for entrepreneurs to ignore. We can start by redefining “failure” for ourselves in order to find success in new ways. I hope this episode gives you a whole new perspective on the word “failure” and what it means to you. Together, let’s stop fearing failure once and for all in order to make the most of our valuable time. And tune back in with me next week as we keep this conversation going and master time management once and for all!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Redefining “failure” as an opportunity to learn
  • Planning for failure instead of avoiding it
  • Overcoming the fear of success as an entrepreneur

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