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The Melissa Koehler Show

Oct 5, 2022

Today we are talking about all things systems — not just in business, but in life. If the word “systems” seems a little vague to you, you are not alone! In fact just a few years ago I wasn’t totally clear on what it meant either. Essentially, a system is a certain way you do things to make your job (and life) easier, and they’re simpler to integrate into your workflow than you might think. This episode outlines 5 steps for setting up systems in your business as well as 6 tips for staying organized. I hope this helps you work smarter, not harder!


In this episode you’ll hear: 


  • What systems are and how they benefit you
  • Simple system hacks you can implement today
  • Six tips for staying organized in your business


Links to all the things mentioned: 


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