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The Melissa Koehler Show

Dec 1, 2021

We are coming up on the holiday season and moving quickly into 2022. First of all, how crazy is that?! The new year often brings new year’s resolutions. In this new year, I don’t want your business to stay where it has been. I don’t want you to keep setting the same business goals with no execution.

In today’s episode, I break down 5 essential yet incredibly easy ways to achieve the goals you want for your business in 2022. Goal setting cannot just remain this big picture idea. It requires action and I am here to help you map it out. I want you to feel confident going into 2022 so that you can make your business dreams a reality.

In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Goal setting requires action
  • 5 action steps to reach your goals
  • The art of making things happen

Links to all the things mentioned: