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The Direct Dish

Jul 28, 2021

You know those days when failure doesn't feel like an option? ...Or every day when failure doesn't feel like an option? Caitlin Crosby is here to tell you, failure is a part of life and business - and it's OKAY to embrace it. Because, in her own wise words, who you will be tomorrow is not defined by who you were yesterday. 

Caitlin Crosby is the founder of The Giving Keys, a jewelry company that is focused on helping its employees transition out of homelessness. Caitlin is also the author of Every Word Matters and You Are The Key. She was named among Oprah’s Super Soul 100 list of visionaries in 2016. 

I know you will LOVE this conversation with Caitlin as she dives deep into how important it is to fail in life and in business. She explains that life and business are each a process of constantly growing … and failing

In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • How you can embrace failure in your life
  • The impact of choosing a word for this life season 
  • How intentionally choosing to fail at one thing each day can be a positive 

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