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The Melissa Koehler Show

Jan 4, 2023

I am so happy you’re tuning in with me today for the fifth episode of the “Mastering Time Management” series! Today’s title may have you wondering: how can your health possibly help you better manage your time? When we’re short on time, our health is usually the first thing that suffers. I want to take our time together today to reverse that once and for all (without robbing any more of your time!) I hope this episode gives you a whole new perspective on how to care for your body well in order to better manage your physical, emotional, and mental health. And please be sure to come back next week as we wrap up our time together chatting about mastering time management!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • My personal health journey as an entrepreneur
  • How physical, mental, and emotional health affects productivity
  • Being successful without sacrificing your wellbeing

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