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The Direct Dish

Nov 2, 2022

No matter what stage you’re at in life or in business, we all could use a little more time, right? That’s why I’m particularly passionate about today’s topic – building a schedule that works for you and honoring boundaries in all areas – because believe it or not, the two go hand in hand. Without a structured schedule, it will always feel impossible to stick to the boundaries you need to set in order to be your best self. So today I want to help you learn how to do both! I hope you walk away from today’s episode feeling inspired to tackle your day, equipped to build a schedule that works for you (not against you), and ready to put some boundaries in place in order to honor your time and well-being.

In this episode you’ll hear: 


  • My “Take 20” approach to productivity
  • Methods for structuring the time you already have
  • Why boundaries are critical to your success


Links to all the things mentioned: 


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