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The Direct Dish

Mar 2, 2022

You know what time it is… here’s my true confession: I constantly worry about my social media presence and it stresses me out. I know it might sound crazy. Most of what I have built my brand around has been social media related or revolves around an online world. Through the years, I’ve learned a few life changing tips that have allowed me to show up to my audience from a place of peace. It actually has a lot to do with boundaries and what you allow to take place in your day to day routine. You can be consistent and effective while keeping your peace. It might take a little strategy, but when people know you, like you, and trust you, you create and grow an authentic community that supports you.

In this episode you’ll hear: 


  • Gaining more followers AND peace
  • How your ideal client comes in handy
  • Using systems to guard your peace


Links to all the things mentioned: 

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