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The Direct Dish

Dec 15, 2021

Whether it’s being a mom, being a successful entrepreneur, or just being a woman, we so often find ourselves in the comparison game. I talk about it all of the time. Self-doubt and comparing our lives to the perfect “Instagram Momtrepreneurs” out there. It gets exhausting.


Thankfully we have our guest, Kendra Swalls, to share with us how to overcome the self-doubt and limiting beliefs that come and try to steal our joy and credibility. You may be asking yourself what a limiting belief is… Kendra so beautifully explains the process through her eyes and how she got to where she is today as a successful business woman. Her story of resilience is one that you will not forget. 


In this episode you’ll hear: 


  • How to identify limiting beliefs
  • Tips on ridding yourself of the self-doubt
  • The story that social media writes


Links to all the things mentioned: 

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