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The Melissa Koehler Show

Sep 13, 2023

Do you enjoy routines? If you are like me, then you know how powerful they can be to your mental health, your family flow, and your business. Routines keep you organized, create a flow so everyone knows what to expect, and ultimately help you stay sane (especially if you have kids with full schedules, like me!)  … Or maybe you are listening to this because you want to figure out how to establish a routine in your home or business so that you CAN experience some sanity. 

Whether you have established routines, want to switch up your routines, or need someone to help you get started, I’ve got you covered! I am sharing all my tips around routines – setting them AND keeping them. So grab something to take notes with, and let’s get started! 

In this episode we talk about: 

💪 What 75 hard taught me about water intake, exercise, and more 

💻 Getting into a routine with your business after slower seasons  

✨ Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries … why you need them and how to keep them! 

📅 What a family hub is and how it’s helped our family SO much in busier seasons! 

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